Zephyr z800

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We are Empordà specialists in boat design and construction for people who enjoy the sea and want to feel the freedom of being on the water. We believe that with a mixture of passion and design nothing is impossible.

Our intent is to take part in your project, follow the coastline, and navigate to wherever you want to go. Are you ready?

  • Capacity
    12 persons
  • Length Overall
    8,66 meters
  • Beam
    2,95 meters
  • Bathrooms
  • Single berths
  • Double berths

Zephyr z800


+ performance
– fuel
+ energy savings

We have designed a “Keelflow” keel on the bottom-most part of the hull that minimizes wave impact and facilitates the flow of air and water to prevent wave energy from slowing the boat down and achieve greater energy efficiency.


Manufacture and sale of motorboats

Boats to breathe the sea

We have designed each Zephyr 800 series thinking about different types of potential experiences so that sea enthusiasts may have unlimited, comfortable enjoyment.

The Z800 is an optimized boat with large on-deck and interior capacity to carry the gear you need, stay overnight, and pursue your adventures.

Boat design for the 21st century.

Its Mediterranean design adapts to all of the day’s needs and activities—such as water sports, diving, fishing, and transportation—but is also perfect for social gatherings with friends and family

The large main deck space and 12-person seating make it an ideal boat for organizing a fun day on the water and dinner.

Live Your Adventure

With high storage capacity, the Zephyr 800 is perfect for adventure lovers. It has a place on deck to safely place two paddle boards while cruising, as well as four storage compartments to stow both technological devices and wet items (goggles or snorkels).

In addition, its carefully planned layout offers a large forward sundeck and a shaded area aft where you can set up a practical and wide Bimini top.


z800 Space Zephyr z800 space

The Z800 Space is the perfect companion for your adventures at sea. The boat’s large capacity and flexible interior are designed to carry your gear and pursue your adventures.

Load on board the Z800 Space the Wakeboard or the Paddle Surf to glide on the water and the mask, fins, neoprene and diving tanks to explore the depths of the sea. And don’t hesitate to load your mountain bikes or kayaks to go hiking.
Then just start the engine and go on an adventure.

z800 Diamond Zephyr z800 diamond

Enjoy the unique experience of going out to sea in a luxury boat with all the amenities. It’s time to conquer the sea and follow the Mediterranean coastline with a boat that offers you all the features required to enjoy being at sea and spending time with your people.

Discovering the coast’s hidden corners from the sea is priceless, and if you are also sharing the experience with your loved ones, tasting anchovies and sea urchins on a Z800 Diamond’s main deck is a luxury.

z800 Explore Zephyr z800 explore

The Explore Series incorporates a rigid roof or “Hardtop” that offers the possibility to navigate year-round in a comfortable and safe space, protected from the sun, wind, and rain.

Additionally, this boat stands out for its versatility and transformability, offering options such as Sundeck or Walkaround bow configurations and ample habitability on both the deck and interior.

Make the most of each season and turn every voyage into an unforgettable adventure. Enjoy the coastal landscape in all its splendor, regardless of the season, thanks to the protection against the elements provided by the Explore Series.

z800 Eco Zephyr z800 eco

The Z800 Eco marks the beginning of a more sustainable maritime tradition. Its design prepares for the green transition by moving from the use of combustion engines to hybrid or electric motors and using low-impact materials. The aim is to reduce its carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

A boat’s lifetime is three times longer than that of a vehicle, and so it is essential to manage energy and new technologies in a smart way.

z800 Classic Zephyr z800 classic

The Classic Series stands out for its nostalgia-evoking design, reminiscent of the wooden Riva motorboats or the Paltré de Calella de Palafrugell vessels (Baix Empordà).

The Empordà shows us the history of those years when shipyard culture was very much alive. At Zephyr Boats, we have taken this message, interpreted it, and adapted it to a more modern, comfortable, and spacious design in order to enjoy a more fulfilling at-sea experience. Needless to say, the Z800 is also a boat for following the coastline, very suitable for the Empordà coast, which is full of coves, hideouts, and hidden caves.

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