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z800 Classic Zephyr z800 classic

The Classic Series stands out for its nostalgia-evoking design, reminiscent of the wooden Riva motorboats or the Paltré de Calella de Palafrugell vessels (Baix Empordà).

The Empordà shows us the history of those years when shipyard culture was very much alive. At Zephyr Boats, we have taken this message, interpreted it, and adapted it to a more modern, comfortable, and spacious design in order to enjoy a more fulfilling at-sea experience. Needless to say, the Z800 is also a boat for following the coastline, very suitable for the Empordà coast, which is full of coves, hideouts, and hidden caves.

z800 Diamond Zephyr z800 diamond

Enjoy the unique experience of going out to sea in a luxury boat with all the amenities. It’s time to conquer the sea and follow the Mediterranean coastline with a boat that offers you all the features required to enjoy being at sea and spending time with your people.

Discovering the coast’s hidden corners from the sea is priceless, and if you are also sharing the experience with your loved ones, tasting anchovies and sea urchins on a Z800 Diamond’s main deck is a luxury.

z800 Eco Zephyr z800 eco

The Z800 Eco marks the beginning of a more sustainable maritime tradition. Its design prepares for the green transition by moving from the use of combustion engines to hybrid or electric motors and using low-impact materials. The aim is to reduce its carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

A boat’s lifetime is three times longer than that of a vehicle, and so it is essential to manage energy and new technologies in a smart way.

z800 Explore Zephyr z800 explore

The Z800 Explore is the perfect companion for your adventures at sea. The vessel’s large capacity and interior flexibility are designed to carry your gear and pursue your adventures.

Aboard the Z800 Explore, you can carry your wakeboard or paddle board to glide over the water, as well as your full scuba diving gear to explore the depths of the sea. And don’t hesitate to load up your mountain bikes or kayaks for long-distance trips.
Then just switch the motor on and dive into your adventure.

z800 Esencial Zephyr z800 esencial

The Esencial series has the Mediterranean characteristics that make a Zephyr one of a kind: higher level of comfort, bigger spaces, more socializing, a seafaring experience like none you have ever imagined.

The main deck houses a large, dynamic area for 12 people to enjoy cruising along and seeing the coastal scenery. It also has a three-person forward sundeck. The Z800 strikes the perfect balance between a spacious deck and a cabin optimized to accommodate up to four people and a bathroom.

Compared to other boats of the same length, its spacious design—which allows for two aft single berths and a forward double berth—marks one of the biggest differences.

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