The new ZEPHYR800 ECO has been the First 100% Electric Boat presented within the ‘Decarbonization of Recreational Boats’ Project, promoted by ACCIÓ and the Barcelona Nautical Capital Foundation. This project aims to electrify and decarbonize the Catalan nautical sector, leveraging the celebration of the 37th Edition of the America’s Cup, the world’s most important sailing competition, in Barcelona.

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ZEPHYR ECO 100% electric

Its modern and sophisticated design combines comfort, spaciousness, and practicality with the efficiency of the hull and an electric power of 168 kW, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 25 knots.

The design of the helm station has been significantly improved by eliminating analog indicators, now integrated into two screens that enhance the navigation experience, offering greater connectivity, entertainment, and safety on the water.

A versatile and transformable Mediterranean-style vessel, with a sundeck or walkaround bow for 12 people, offers space and good navigability.

100% electric boats, the future of navigation.

The optimal cruising speed of the ZEPHYR800 ECO is 20 knots. With a full battery charge, you can sail for approximately one hour or cover about 20 miles at that pace. If the speed is reduced to 5 knots, it is feasible to achieve a range of more than 70 miles. With a power output of 168 kW, the ZEPHYR800 ECO reaches a maximum speed of 25 knots. Since outings in this type of boat usually involve a combination of slow and fast speeds, it offers a cruising range of two to three hours, depending on the sailing style.

Charging capacity: The electric version of the ZEPHYR can be charged at direct current fast-charging stations. Under optimal conditions, the battery can charge from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes, depending on the power of the charging station. Additionally, alternating current charging is possible, as the infrastructure is available in most ports. The boat comes equipped with a standard onboard 12 kW alternating current charger.

Enjoy your experience at sea protected from the sun with a large bimini that folds and stores at the stern of the boat. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, and you can securely store two paddleboards on the deck while sailing.


We have transformed the interior into a cozy and comfortable space, with LED lighting and custom elements. Carefully select the fabrics for the cushions in the two cabins and choose from a wide variety of wood finishes to create a unique and distinctive style.

The double bed in the bow is spacious and easy to set up, without the need for additional pillows. The two single beds in the stern can be converted into a double bed if needed. An optional interior table can be easily installed and stored to free up space when not in use.

The bathroom is equipped with a hot water shower and a fully functional marine toilet. Next to the staircase, you will find a cabinet designed for storing small items.

We keep the interior well-ventilated, with up to five hatches, to reduce humidity and offer a panoramic view.



Effortlessly unfold the bimini when at anchor to keep out the sun and stow it in a hatch under the deck flooring for safe, unobstructed cruising.


Store two Paddle Surfs safely on the deck of the boat while you are out on the water.

This space has been designed to keep two Paddle Surfs tucked away and out of the way on deck.

This space has been designed to keep two Paddle Surfs tucked away and out of the way inside the deck area. Paddle surfers up to 5‘’ in thickness are easily and securely secured between the seats and the boat’s wheelhouse.

Control console

The design of the wheelhouse has been significantly improved by eliminating the analogue gauges, which have been integrated into two displays that enrich the navigation experience, offering greater connectivity, entertainment and safety on the water.

Pilot's seat

Comfortable 3-person cockpit seat. Under the seats you will find more stowage space prepared to hold the life raft.


Footrest for a more comfortable posture and a better feeling of comfort.

Electric anchor windlass

An electric anchor windlass is available for more comfortable anchoring.

To facilitate manoeuvring to port, it has a bow thruster.

Music kit

Exclusive music system to create your own atmosphere on board.

Freshwater shower

Equipped with fresh water shower.


Gas cooker with two burners and grill option. It also has a stowage box for kitchen utensils and a prepared area with a chopping board.


Sink with cold water tap (hot water optional).

Rubbish cupboard

It is equipped with a practical rubbish cupboard.

Ice chest

70 litre ice chest.

Ventilation hatches

Very airy interior with up to five ventilation hatches.
Panoramic windows from the inside on both sides of the boat allow a strategic view of the sea.

Dining room

We have designed the main deck area to be a comfortable dining area protected from the sun during the day by the bimini top and illuminated at night.
The dining area seats 12 people and is easily dismantled by removing the two tables and storing them in a special box on deck to free up the passageway space when the tables are not needed.

Designed stowage space

Under the helm seats there is a space designed for stowage. If the vessel is certified to sail more than 12 miles from the coast it can accommodate the life raft.

XXL stowage boxes

Below the deck seats you will find 2 XXL stowage lockers with capacity to store fishing rods, the deck table and large utensils.

Wireless charger

Equipped with a wireless mobile phone charger for mobile phones, so you’ll never run out of battery.

Fixing of fenders


Do you know the advantages of retractable cleats compared to fixed cleats?
1. Increased safety. As they are retractable, they do not protrude from the boat deck when not in use, reducing the risk of trips and falls.
2. Greater comfort. They allow for a cleaner, clearer deck.
3. Greater flexibility. They can be positioned at different points on the deck, allowing greater flexibility in load distribution and space organisation.

Lateral defence

Integration of a side fender into the hull for added safety: the innovative design of a fender integrated into the hull of the vessel provides a double layer of safety during manoeuvres into and out of port.

Deck floor

A new deck floor texture offers exceptional underfoot comfort and improves safety by preventing falls, even on wet surfaces.

Walkaround or Sundeck

The bow is available in two versions: Sundeck or Walkaround. For sunbathers, the Sundeck version offers an exclusive area with a comfortable and spacious sunbathing area. The Walkaround version offers safety and better access to the bow without giving up the comfort of a solarium that can be created with an additional supplement.


Length overall

8,93 m

Hull length

7,96 m

Maximum beam

2,94 m

Minimum/maximum draft

0,44-0,94 m

Fresh water capacity

100 L

Design category



12 persons

Light displacement (CE)

3800 Kg

Battery Capacity

126 kWh

Electrical motor

168 kW (115 CV x 2)

255 kW (300 CV)

Top Speed

+30 nudos

Cruising speed

20 Knots

Range on 1 charge

5 Knots 70 Nm

20 Knots 20 Nm

Charging time (10% to 90%)

1h 30’ with fast charger

8h with standard charger


The ZEPHYR800 ECO 100% electric is available in two outboard motor configurations: a single 300HP (255 kW) electric motor option or a dual 115HP (168 kW) electric motor option. The hull design of the ZEPHYR800 is engineered for the energy transition: moving from combustion engines to electric or hybrid engines. Given that the lifespan of a boat is 40 years, we can initially install combustion engines and later switch to a pure electric system to achieve zero emissions.

We can also install a hybrid combination of three motors (one electric motor and two combustion engines or two electric motors and one combustion engine). We have created a hybrid boat where all three motors can operate simultaneously or separately, depending on sea conditions and the customer’s needs.


z800 Space Zephyr z800 space

The Z800 Space is the perfect companion for your adventures at sea. The boat’s large capacity and flexible interior are designed to carry your gear and pursue your adventures.

Load on board the Z800 Space the Wakeboard or the Paddle Surf to glide on the water and the mask, fins, neoprene and diving tanks to explore the depths of the sea. And don’t hesitate to load your mountain bikes or kayaks to go hiking.
Then just start the engine and go on an adventure.

z800 Diamond Zephyr z800 diamond

Enjoy the unique experience of going out to sea in a luxury boat with all the amenities. It’s time to conquer the sea and follow the Mediterranean coastline with a boat that offers you all the features required to enjoy being at sea and spending time with your people.

Discovering the coast’s hidden corners from the sea is priceless, and if you are also sharing the experience with your loved ones, tasting anchovies and sea urchins on a Z800 Diamond’s main deck is a luxury.

z800 Explore Zephyr z800 explore

The Explore Series incorporates a rigid roof or “Hardtop” that offers the possibility to navigate year-round in a comfortable and safe space, protected from the sun, wind, and rain.

Additionally, this boat stands out for its versatility and transformability, offering options such as Sundeck or Walkaround bow configurations and ample habitability on both the deck and interior.

Make the most of each season and turn every voyage into an unforgettable adventure. Enjoy the coastal landscape in all its splendor, regardless of the season, thanks to the protection against the elements provided by the Explore Series.

z800 Eco Zephyr z800 eco

The Z800 Eco marks the beginning of a more sustainable maritime tradition. Its design prepares for the green transition by moving from the use of combustion engines to hybrid or electric motors and using low-impact materials. The aim is to reduce its carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

A boat’s lifetime is three times longer than that of a vehicle, and so it is essential to manage energy and new technologies in a smart way.

z800 Classic Zephyr z800 classic

The Classic Series stands out for its nostalgia-evoking design, reminiscent of the wooden Riva motorboats or the Paltré de Calella de Palafrugell vessels (Baix Empordà).

The Empordà shows us the history of those years when shipyard culture was very much alive. At Zephyr Boats, we have taken this message, interpreted it, and adapted it to a more modern, comfortable, and spacious design in order to enjoy a more fulfilling at-sea experience. Needless to say, the Z800 is also a boat for following the coastline, very suitable for the Empordà coast, which is full of coves, hideouts, and hidden caves.