The Explore series combines the Mediterranean features of a Zephyr: more comfort, more space, and increased social interaction with the advantages provided by a Hardtop cabin: protection against the sun, rain, and wind to enjoy the sea all year round.


A comfortable and practical Mediterranean-designed boat for 21st-century individuals.
1.The rigid roof or “Hardtop” provides a solid cover over the boat’s cabin, offering protection against the sun, rain, and wind. This allows occupants to enjoy a more comfortable and secure environment without giving up the pleasant sea breeze in the summer, thanks to the side openings.
2. Extraordinarily versatile and transformable, with a sundeck or walkaround bow, the Zephyr800 Explore offers space and livability typically found in larger vessels: 12% more sunbathing area on the bow, 22% more walkable deck space, and a 40% larger bathing platform.
3. Certified for 12 people, it features a comfortable table on deck for 12 people, an outdoor kitchen with an electric fridge, and an interior with 2 cabins for 4 people and a bathroom.


The first thing that surprises you when you enter a Z800 Explore is the feeling of spaciousness, shelter, and safety. An 8-meter boat with ample space to move around on deck, for storage, for preparing your activities, for resting, for sunbathing, or for year-round navigation.

The hardtop provides a solid cover over the boat’s cabin, offering protection against the sun, rain, and wind. This allows the occupants of the boat to enjoy a more comfortable and secure environment without giving up the sea breeze in the summer thanks to the side openings.

We have designed the main deck area to become a comfortable dining area for 12 people. Additionally, the deck is designed to accommodate up to 2 paddleboards on its sides in a practical and safe manner while sailing, as well as rod holders for fishing.

The bow is available in two versions: sundeck or walkaround. For sunbathing enthusiasts, the Sundeck version offers an exclusive area with a comfortable and spacious sunbathing area. The Walkaround version offers safety and better access to the bow without giving up the comfort of an additional sunbathing area.

The kitchen is fully equipped with stoves, sink, fridge, and ice chest.

It also has a freshwater shower and an exclusive sound system to create your own atmosphere on board.

The Z800 Explorer offers the option of adding an integrated perimeter shock-absorbing fender to the hull.


When I look back on a vacation at sea, one of the pleasures I remember the most is waking up in the early morning to silence, the boat anchored in a cove, and going up on deck for a swim while the first rays of light shine down on a calm sea.

The Z800’s ample space has allowed us to design an interior layout with a forward double berth and two aft single berths—one of the great advantages when compared to boats of the same length.

The Z800 houses a spacious cabin that sleeps four people and a fully equipped bathroom. In addition, in rainy or rough weather, the double berth can be converted into a board game table or a dining table.

Panoramic cabin windows that look out over the boat’s bow and both sides make for a strategic view of the sea.


Command console

A wide windshield protects the helm from the wind and offers great visibility to the skipper. The console offers the possibility of two touch screens that provide the information needed, in real time, to make informed and safe decisions.

We have equipped the console with an electronic chart so that you can follow your course better and anchor in the most remote corners.

Wireless charger

Equipped with a wireless mobile phone charger for mobile phones, so you’ll never run out of battery.

Pilot seat for 3-4 people.

Comfortable pilot’s seat for 3-4 persons. Under the seats there are other lockers or space to store the life raft.

Electric cooler

Under the pilot’s seat there is also an electric cooler.

Main deck area

We have designed the main deck area to convert into a comfortable dining area that is protected from the sun during the day and with nighttime lighting.

The dining area seats 12 people and is easy to disassemble by folding up the two tables and storing them inside a special compartment on deck, thus freeing up space for moving around when the tables are not needed


Gas cooktop with two burners and grill option. It also has a stowage chest for kitchen utensils and a prepared area with a cutting board.


Sink with cold water faucet (optional hot water).

Trash cabinet

It is equipped with a very practical closet for garbage.


A practical walkaround provides safety and better access to the bow of the boat.

An extension is available to join the two bow platforms to create a large sundeck.

Electric anchor windlass

For more comfortable anchoring, the boat has an electric anchor windlass.
To facilitate maneuvering into port, it has a bow thruster.

Fresh water shower

It is equipped with a freshwater shower.


Footrest for a more comfortable posture and a better feeling of comfort.

Stowage chests

Under the deck seats you will find 2 XXL stowage lockers with capacity to store fishing rods, the deck table and large utensils.

Store the defenses

Stores the fenders in a specially designed chest for easy handling.

Fixing for fenders


Do you know the advantages of retractable cleats compared to fixed cleats?
1. Increased safety: Retractable cleats do not protrude from the boat deck when not in use, reducing the risk of tripping and falling.
2. Increased convenience: They allow for a cleaner and uncluttered deck.
3. Increased flexibility: Retractable cleats can be placed in different points of the deck, allowing for greater flexibility in the distribution of the load and in the organization of the space.
4. Improved aesthetics: They have a cleaner and more aerodynamic appearance.

Space designed for stowage

Under the command seats there is a space designed for stowage. If the boat is certified to sail more than 12 miles from the coast, it can accommodate the life raft.

Ice chest

Ice chest of 70 liters.


Store two Paddle Surfs safely on the deck of the boat while you are out on the water.
This space has been designed so that two Paddle Surfs are tucked away and out of the way inside the deck area. Paddle surfboards up to 5” thick, are easily and safely secured between the seats and the boat.

Ventilation Hatch

Cabin well-ventilated with up to five ventilation hatches.
Panoramic cabin windows that look out over the both sides make for a strategic view of the sea.

USB charger

Two bow storage compartments to stow technological devices and a 12-volt outlet to charge mobile phones and tablets.


For greater safety, two handles have been installed on the sides of the control panel.

Music kit

Exclusive music system to create your own ambience aboard.


For anyone who wants to sunbathe, we have an exclusive bow area with a comfortable three-person sundeck.

Bow raling

The bow railing is designed to ensure safety when moving around the front of the vessel.


The aft sofa transforms into an ideal chill-out relaxation area for resting in the shade of the bimini.

Child safe gate

The bow can be closed off with a small safety gate for children.


Length overall

8,93 m

Hull length

7,96 m

Maximum beam

2,94 m

Minimum/maximum draft

0,44-0,94 m

Light displacement (CE)

3280 kg

Fuel capacity

400 L

Fresh water capacity

100 L

Design category



12 persons

Number of berths



The possibility of selecting between two motorization configurations for the boat is presented: a single engine option or a dual engine option. In the case of opting for a single engine, the choice between two power ranges is offered: 300 CV or 400 CV. On the other hand, in the configuration of two engines, each one of them is available in a power of 200 CV or 250 CV respectively.

At Zephyr Boats, we promote the ecological transition to hybrid or electric engines. Our boat is designed to adapt to this change at any time. We prioritize sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint in aquatic ecosystems. We offer the possibility of installing cleaner and more efficient engines.


z800 Space Zephyr z800 space

The Z800 Space is the perfect companion for your adventures at sea. The boat’s large capacity and flexible interior are designed to carry your gear and pursue your adventures.

Load on board the Z800 Space the Wakeboard or the Paddle Surf to glide on the water and the mask, fins, neoprene and diving tanks to explore the depths of the sea. And don’t hesitate to load your mountain bikes or kayaks to go hiking.
Then just start the engine and go on an adventure.

z800 Diamond Zephyr z800 diamond

Enjoy the unique experience of going out to sea in a luxury boat with all the amenities. It’s time to conquer the sea and follow the Mediterranean coastline with a boat that offers you all the features required to enjoy being at sea and spending time with your people.

Discovering the coast’s hidden corners from the sea is priceless, and if you are also sharing the experience with your loved ones, tasting anchovies and sea urchins on a Z800 Diamond’s main deck is a luxury.

z800 Explore Zephyr z800 explore

The Explore Series incorporates a rigid roof or “Hardtop” that offers the possibility to navigate year-round in a comfortable and safe space, protected from the sun, wind, and rain.

Additionally, this boat stands out for its versatility and transformability, offering options such as Sundeck or Walkaround bow configurations and ample habitability on both the deck and interior.

Make the most of each season and turn every voyage into an unforgettable adventure. Enjoy the coastal landscape in all its splendor, regardless of the season, thanks to the protection against the elements provided by the Explore Series.

z800 Eco Zephyr z800 eco

The Z800 Eco marks the beginning of a more sustainable maritime tradition. Its design prepares for the green transition by moving from the use of combustion engines to hybrid or electric motors and using low-impact materials. The aim is to reduce its carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

A boat’s lifetime is three times longer than that of a vehicle, and so it is essential to manage energy and new technologies in a smart way.

z800 Classic Zephyr z800 classic

The Classic Series stands out for its nostalgia-evoking design, reminiscent of the wooden Riva motorboats or the Paltré de Calella de Palafrugell vessels (Baix Empordà).

The Empordà shows us the history of those years when shipyard culture was very much alive. At Zephyr Boats, we have taken this message, interpreted it, and adapted it to a more modern, comfortable, and spacious design in order to enjoy a more fulfilling at-sea experience. Needless to say, the Z800 is also a boat for following the coastline, very suitable for the Empordà coast, which is full of coves, hideouts, and hidden caves.

Zephyr boats

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